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California Speedway

Ask one of my friends if they would like to go to a NASCAR race and after they stop laughing they would say something like: I don't get it; they just go around in circles. And I invariably would start to reply: first of all there are no round tracks; there are ovals, tri-ovals... oh never mind.

So, when a friend offered up some tickets for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at California Speedway the question wasn't would I go, it was how the heck would I find someone to go with me. Fortunately there was someone interested at my client - he's from Atlanta. I decided to lug along my camera and see what shots I could take.

Naturally being on the other side of "the fence", the photo session turned into a battle with the fence. I tried to shoot over, shoot around and shoot through the fence. During pits stops I accidentally captured poll sitter Jamie McMurry getting caught by NASCAR with a loose lug nut as Jimmie Johnson went to the front. As the crowd went nuts as Kyle Busch blew an engine, I tried to shoot over the fence, down the front stretch. It wasn't a winning battle. In the end when "Smoke" took the checkered flag, I waved my own white flag and included the fence in the composition.


Long time motorsports shooter Mark Rebilas shows what the fence is for, in his blog post titled: When a 200mph Parachute meets a Camera the Camera Loses


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