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Lytro Camera

Original article:  Compose, take the shot… focus later

File under “what the…”

A small technology startup company called Lytro announced their camera which allows the photographer to take a shot and focus later. In fact you can focus on any area within the photograph after the fact to your heart’s desire. By fundamentally changing the digital camera’s sensor and the way it records, Lytro has figured out a way to capture the “color, intensity and vector direction of the rays of light.” Vector direction? Uh, I’ll take Lytro’s word on it.

Actually the science behind Lytro comes from Founder and CEO Ren NG, PH.D. “Before starting Lytro, Ren was on the fast path to fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a professor. In fact, his seminal Ph.D. research on light field technology earned the field’s top honor, the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award for best thesis in computer science and engineering, as well as Stanford University’s Arthur Samuel Award for Best Ph.D. Dissertation. The entrepreneurial spark came when Ren purchased his first DSLR camera and saw the potential to apply light field technology to capture pictures in addition to image generation.”

Simple? Right? Well, if you’re like me… just click on the picture (above) to refocus it.

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