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Pico Iyer

Original article:  The Joy of Less - Pico Iyer

Writer Pico Iyer landed the "perfect" job for Time Magazine, complete with an office in the prestigious Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York. But feeling something was still missing, he decided to spend a year in seclusion like a monk in one of Japan's Buddhist temples; "I left my comfortable job and life to live for a year in a temple on the backstreets of Kyoto. My high-minded year lasted all of a week..."

Finding that a monk’s life wasn't for him, Iyer managed to eventually find balance between the hectic life in New York and the monastic life. 21 years later, no longer in the temple, but still in Japan Iyer takes a look at his less is more lifestyle in the New York Times piece - The Joy of Less.
In these recessionary times many are being forced into downgrading their spending habits. Pico Iyer sees this as a potential good thing for many people. With the right attitude many may find that these things are really bringing happiness. Local National Public Radio (NPR) station KPCC interviewed and had a question and answer session with Iyer on the topic - happiness with less - during the daily program Air Talk.

Pico Iyer - born in England and raised in California, educated at Eton, Oxford, and Harvard - chronicles his experiences and travels as a travel writer. His writing career includes essays that have been featured in Time, Conde Nast Traveler, Harper's, the New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, and Pico Iyer is known for his travel book: Video Night in Kathmandu. In which Iyer chronicles travels in the regions of India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Thailand.

Iyer's Video Nights in Kathmandu is considered a must read by the whos who of travelers and travel writers. Those of us who prefer a budget travel experience can appreciate Iyer's take on the joy of less.

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