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Gulf Oil Spill Censorship

Original article:  Gulf Oil Spill Censorship

Early on, in the days after the initial fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, hints and allegations of BP blocking access to reporters, photojournalist and environmental activist began to leak out. A video of a PBS journalist being turned away from beach access by uniformed law enforcement made my skin crawl. Is censorship really happening?

One would think that censorship of a preventable environmental disaster would have the masses in an uproar; but, there doesn't seem to be much hoopla. I know the iPhone 4 is having reception issues. God help us. But a big ass environmental disaster and restrictions placed on reporters by the offending corporation backed by the US government? Even mainstream media has chimed in with CNN's Anderson Cooper running a piece about the 65 foot - $40,000 fine - Class D felony restriction being placed on journalist. I felt like Cooper wanted to reach out to the audience and say: Hey people maybe we should be concerned about a foreign corporation conspiring with the US government and local law enforcement to control what images you see.

Freelance photojournalist Lance Rosenfield working on assignment for ProPublica details his detainment in the article "ProPublica Photographer: I Was Followed by BP Security and Then Detained by Police". Rosenfield’s concern was that his personal details were freely given to a private BP security guard by the uniformed law enforcement in an apparent act of intimidation. has a comprehensive page devoted to the "BP/Government Police State" with links and quotes from different media outlets. This quote: "With this, the Gulf Coast cleanup operation has now entered a weird Orwellian reality where the news is shaped, censored and controlled by the government in order to prevent the public from learning the truth about what's really happening," by Mike Adams of NaturalNews summed it up for me. has excellent photojournalist documenting the Gulf Oil Spill on their All Eyes blog.

Update: July 14, 2010: In the TED talk The oil spill's unseen culprits, victims dated June 2010, author Carl Safina, gives an emotional heart wrenching perspective into the damage that is being done in the gulf and beyond.

'The Gulf oil spill dwarfs comprehension, but we know this much: it's bad. Carl Safina scrapes out the facts in this blood-boiling cross-examination, arguing that the consequences will stretch far beyond the Gulf -- and many so-called solutions are making the situation worse.'

August 4, 2010 As BP gets a handle on the leaking oil and purport the disaster to be 'over'; this's piece, in which reporters Jerry Cope and Charles Hambleton: The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Government Don't Want You to Know take a look at the alleged censorship and cover-up of the aftermath of the oil that did leak into the gulf echo system. Cope and Hambleton address the possible negative affects of the dispersant Corexit on the environment and the flora and fauna of the Gulf region. They ask where have all the dead animals gone, quoting Riki Ott, PhD, a marine toxicologist, veteran of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, as saying that he is hearing of “dead things piled up on the barrier islands; turtles and birds and dolphins... whales...” and that BP is processing these animals under the cover of darkness. These alleged processing plants are off limits to non authorized personnel and under a no fly zone.

At the risk of Big Brother watching what I'm writing I'll publish this.


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